Papa Ed's Ice Cream


Papa Ed’s Ice Cream
Ice Cream Parlor

7146 N. 58th Ave.

(623) 915-4438




Papa Ed's Ice Cream parlor in Catlin Court 

- A  crisp, clean parlor is tucked behind the bright green bungalow of Country Maiden, 7146 N. 58th Ave. 

-  Just follow the driveway into the back yard, which overflows with plants and gardening ideas, such as an antique bed frame filled with flowers that should bloom to resemble a quilt.  

-   16 flavors of Shamrock Farms ice cream!  

-  Old-fashioned candy is available in baskets around the store, from pop rocks to Fun Dips.


"Come Visit and Cool Off!"





 Karla Houston,  John Edmonson, named 'Volunteer of the Quarter' for the Crisis Response Unit and Linda Whittley of Papa Ed's Ice Cream Parlor. We provided the  location for the Crisis Response Unit's Birthday Party! What fun!

From Glendale Daily Planet


 During Mother's Day in Catlin Court ...

Papa Ed's Ice Cream Parlor
7146-B N. 58th Avenue (623) 915-4438


Meanwhile at Papa Ed's Ice Cream Parlor, Linda Moran-Whittley, owner, always has 
free samples of the delicious Ice Cream for visitors like Caterina Russ of Avondale to try out!
Photos © Ed Sharpe - Glendale Daily Plant

From Glendale Daily Planet



Papa Ed's Ice Cream Donates over $125 to Glendale Fire Department Crisis Response Team  - Mystery  Customer Contributes Another $50 --- Everyone Had a 'DOG-GONE Good Time!'--

Photo By Ed Sharpe Glendale Daily Planet

Linda Moran-Whittley - Papa Ed's Ice Cream, Lynette Jelinek, "Topaz" the dog  and Karla Houston 
of the Glendale Fire Dept. Crisis Response Team.  Topaz is seen here guarding the cash! 


<Glendale Daily Planet  April 22, 2009>  Wednesday afternoon, Papa Ed's Ice Cream presented a check in the amount of $125.95 to the Glendale Fire Dept. Crisis Response Team.  Accepting the  contribution was Karla Houston, Crisis Response Program Coordinator,  Lynette Jelinek, and "Topaz" the dog from the Glendale Fire Department Crisis Response Team.

The "Tip Jar" sitting on the counter in the ice cream parlor has been designated specifically for this wonderful volunteer group from day one. 

Linda the owner of  Papa Ed's tells us. "Thanks to the generosity of our customers we were able to show our appreciation in a big way,  for all the valuable things this group does in our community."

The festive  enthusiasm spread quickly to a special visitor from Michigan who donated another $50.00 right on the spot!   

 A  partnership  between  an Ice Cream Shop and  Fire Department Crisis Response Team  is a unique entity. 

Karla Houston, Crisis Response Program Coordinator explains "Linda Whitley and I met about 2 years ago, before Papa Ed's was open for business.  She called and said she had money for the GFD CR Program and how would I like for her to get it to me.  I was thrilled and very appreciative.  She had read about our Volunteer Program in the paper and decided we were a good cause to donate to."

She continues, "It was right after Glendale’s Teddy Bear Day.  She had placed a jar out with our name on it, during that weekend and people just kept putting money in the jar.  When I went to pick up the check, and met Linda, it seemed like we had known each other forever (even though we had just met at that moment). "

Linda's building took quite a while to remodel to be used as an ice cream parlor. While this was  going on Karla tells us, "She (Linda) was out in her driveway with a Shamrock Ice Cream freezer giving ice cream away and all the people had to do was to donate to the CR Program!"


public11.jpg (31365 bytes)
Photo By Ed Sharpe Glendale Daily Planet

Linda Moran-Whittley - Papa Ed's Ice Cream and  Karla Houston 
of the Glendale Fire Dept.  Crisis Response Team.



OK,  You liked Topaz? Here is a little  bit more about him!  

Be sure to check back files on the Glendale Daily Planet and back issues of the Glendale Star for other stories in this remarkable member of the Glendale Fire Department Crisis Response Team.


Photo Courtesy Glendale Fire Department

The year and a half old yellow lab has been through extensive training and can actually sense when people are frightened or grieving. Topaz is used as a tool for communication. “He actually helps build a therapeutic bridge between the customer and the crisis interventionist,” said Lynette Jelinek, Glendale Fire Human Services Division Manager. “He helps lighten the mood, and bring in a calming effect to a situation that may seem out of control,” Jelinek continued.

Glendale Fire adopted the trained service dog from Paws with a Cause, an organization that trains various service animals for people with disabilities.


From Glendale Daily Planet


 Linda Whittley of Papa Ed's Ice Cream shows off the collection box that held the gathered items for the Back to School drive. Ed Sharpe (He is Ed but not THE Papa Ed) , Glendale Daily Planet/KKAT-IPTV on the left. Photo by Bette Sharpe

From Glendale Daily Planet


Friday Nite Lights is the Back to School Drive 

Photo by Linda Whittley

An important part of Friday Nite Lights is the Back to School Drive to benefit local elementary schools in Glendale.  The Glendale Visitor Center and many downtown businesses had collection boxes available to collect donated school items. Alexandra, the granddaughter of Linda Whittley of Papa Ed's Ice Cream shows off the collection box that held the gathered items for the Back to School drive.

From Glendale Daily Planet



"Who Let The Dogs Out!" 

The “Dog Days of Summer” are here and they all came to Papa Ed's Ice Cream for Frosty Paws!  
The frozen
treat for dogs was the special during Friday Nite Lights on Aug. 21, 2009.
Our four legged friends enjoyed the cool treats and fun was had by all!


Jessica From then Glendale Visitor Center sets Tortia up for some cool
 indulgence of 'Frosty Paws' on a summer evening!

Click on photo for Tortia close up


Hector, Ally and Tiffany look on as Jessica enjoys watching German shepherd  Elke indulging  in a ' Frosty Paws' frozen treat    Chihuahua Tortia is  in the arms of Tiffany .

  Papa Ed’s Ice Cream 7146-B N. 58th Ave. - Glendale, Arizona




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