Cottage Garden Tea



Photos and story by Ed Sharpe Glendale Daily Planet (C) 2009

Your Hostess: Carol Migray of Cottage Garden!


The Cottage Garden Christmas in Catlin Court hosted a garden party Christmas Tea on November 14th.  The cost was $12.50 per person with finger sandwiches, sconces, ice cream and cookie, hot tea and cold tea. The Tea and food was provided by Coffee and Tea Express and the deserts from Papa Ed's Ice Cream, both businesses are also from Catlin Court, There was  a fashion show with original creations from 'Rare Earth' and modeling the spring collection that will be  available at Cottage Garden in February were the designer Leslie Christenson and Cindy Desjardins.

Even though the morning had presented some challenging looking cloud activity by tea time it had cleared and was the most wonderful afternoon anyone could have wished for.

In addition all the other shops along 58th Ave. in Catlin Court had special events or sales going for the guests to partake in prior and after the  tea.





Three generations  enjoy tea and treats  with a fashion show at the Cottage Garden Holiday Tea - (L to R) Jennifer Hirsch, Allyson Hirsch and Betsy Hirsch.  Being displayed are original items from the original spring collection creations from 'Rare Earth', that will be  available at Cottage Garden in February,  modeled by  the designer (R) Leslie Christenson and (L)Cindy Desjardins.




Also enjoying tea and treats  with a fashion show at the Cottage Garden Holiday 
Tea were -
(L to R) Wendy Argleben, Bev Homes and Billie Swell.


Carol Migray of Cottage Garden checking up on her guests!


Good times  - with great  food, friends and a fashion show...
 Who could ask for more on a beautiful fall afternoon!


Dave, the friendly Barista from 
Coffee and Tea Express 


Cheryl Kappes from Country Maiden
 was one of the other shops along 
58th Ave. in Catlin Court offering
  special items for sale





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