Phoenix State of the City 2015


Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton gives annual State of the City Address

Phoenix is the "largest city in a desert region" cities with big city issues. On Wednesday, April 8, 2-15 Phoenix Mayor Stanton gave the annual State of the City Address at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel. The Grand Phoenix Ballroom held just over a thousand people on Wednesday for the address.

The address mentioned many positive aspects but did not mention the financial challenges the Phoenix budget may face in a year or two. One such positive accomplishment is in street lighting Phoenix started switching street lights will be switched to LED lights, and has a "plan to convert all 90,000 city streetlights into LED lights, cutting energy costs and pollution by more than half."

From Mayor Stanton’s annual State of the City Address, April 8, 2015.

"We used that team approach to create a permanent presence in Mexico, and I’m proud that my colleagues Councilmen Michael Nowakowski and Sal DiCiccio joined me to cut the ribbon for the Arizona-Mexico City Trade Office last October. Through the work of the Phoenix trade office, we’re already seeing results. Just last week, a successful veteran of Mexico’s construction industry relocated to Phoenix to open an office on Camelback for a new company – called CBA 21 – whose primary mission will be to help Arizona’s businesses gain the footing they need to work on large infrastructure projects in Mexico."

"Together, we put the skids on a runaway pension system – fixing problems exposed by the economic downturn. Under the new rules, pension spiking is gone and we will save Phoenix taxpayers $830 million over the next 25 years. But still, we can do better by both our employees and the taxpayers. So the City Council and I will be sending a measure to the voters this summer to create an even more sustainable system: reigning in the high pay-outs for those at the top, saving an additional $38 million. With that extra set of reforms, Phoenix will serve as a model for the rest of the country for how to design a smart, sustainable and fair retirement system."

Transportation has been a concern of Mayor Stanton since taking office in 2012. One day perhaps, the Phoenix Metro Light Rail will link ASU West, Downtown and Tempe Campuses, the University of Arizona College of Medicine campus and the Maricopa Community Colleges. This will enable some families to own and drive one car instead of two, and hopefully then put that money aside for education.

Voters will get the chance to vote on the $31 billion transportation plan in August. The 35-year transportation plan depends on the voters passing the sales tax increase from .4 percent to .7 percent. The increase would raise an estimated $17 billion and would work with federal funds for light rail, increased bus service, and street improvements.

Mayor Stanton is finishing his first term as mayor. The election, in August, is just four months from now. Mayor Stanton assumed office in January 2012.

Ed Sharpe/Glendale Daily Planet no. 3235.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton gives the annual State of the City Address at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel, on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

Bette Sharpe/Glendale Daily Planet no. 3283.

Mary Kyle, Assistant Human Resources Director, City of Phoenix and Phoenix Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela at the annual State of the City Address held at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel on April 8, 2015. Mr. Valenzuela has represented District 5 which includes central and west Phoenix and is a Glendale firefighter.

Bette Sharpe/Glendale Daily Planet no. 3288.

Phoenix Councilmember Jim Waring (District 2) talks with reporters after the mayor’s address on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel.

Bette Sharpe/Glendale Daily Planet no. 3302.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela at the mayor’s annual State of the City Address on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 held at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel, Phoenix.


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PHX STATE OF THE CITY EVENT See the Video - Read the Speech -


LOOK - go like us follow us friend us whatever and watch the entire lo res state of the city video from today - also there is a link there to the PDF of the speech... Congrats to Mayor Stanton on a fine speech today and wonderful Greater Phoenix Chamber sponsored event. Follow and link up with Glendale Daily Planet for metro news

Read the entire PDF of the speech





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