CouryGraph Productions 2015 Hermes Award





Hermes 2015 Creative Awards for the

'Planet, Ed and Bette Sharpe 


Glendale, AZ: CouryGraph Productions,  creator of KKAT-IPTV and Glendale Daily Planet was recently honored by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) with a 2015 Platinum Hermes Creative Award For Internet news presentation.

An individual 2015 Gold Hermes Creative Award  went to reporter/Photographer Bette Bette Sharpe, CouryGraph Productions - Gold 2015 Hermes Creative Award Winner for " New Glendale firefighter Connor Healy views Valentine Award he received at the academy" which appeared in both - Glendale Star and Glendale Daily Planet


"Our team is extremely honored by this Platinum and Gold Hermes Creative Award recognition," said Ed Sharpe, Director of CouryGraph Productions which created KKAT - IPTV and the  Glendale Daily Planet. "This award reflects the quality of our methodology and work of our all volunteer staff to implement innovative combinations of written, still photography and streaming methods for local programming on the Internet. Sharpe continued, "I think our product is a result of the entire city's interest, advice and participation... "


Finally Editor Ed Sharpe wanted to extend his thanks to other people in the newspaper, radio, television and cable industry that have counseled him and provided an example of technique and values. "I would be nothing without them" Sharpe stated.


Bette Sharpe stated, "I am very pleased that our work has been recognized" "I enjoy photography and it allows me to visually tell stories that might otherwise go untold."


Glendale Daily Planet, the parent organization of KKAT-IPTV was started in 2004 as the first community video journalism news site in Glendale and perhaps all of Arizona... Serving The Metro West Side of the Valley of the Sun, Glendale Daily Planet has witnessed, participated in and recorded the further rejuvenation of the downtown core, the meteoric rise of the 'Glendale Sports Empire', some of the problems associated with it and the restoration of historic sections of the town.

The work of CouryGraph Productions and other participative community journalists and engineering staff may be viewed, 24-hours a day, seven days a week at



Ed Sharpe  with Phillips LDK-20 TV Studio Camera Glendale Daily Planet KKAT-IPTV  Founder. 

Photo by SMECC staff


Photo by Ed Sharpe / Glendale Daily Planet

Bette Sharpe stated, "I am  very pleased  that our  work has been recognized"   "I enjoy photography and it allows  me to visually tell stories that might otherwise go untold."

 Gold 2015 Hermes Creative Award 











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