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Located in the historic Catlin Court, Glendale Flowers has been the West Valley’s go-to florist since the 1930s. Owner Maureen Wilson marries traditional European arrangements with modern styling, much like Glendale Flowers’ historic but contemporary storefront. The craftsman bungalow is filled with beautiful greenhouse-quality foliage and brimming arrangements of premium flowers. Wilson’s favorites change daily – today it’s a tie between circus roses, lily of the valley and French tulips – so customers can expect reliably fresh ideas. 7145 N. 58th Dr., Glendale, 623-931-2416,

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Everything Comes up Roses
 with Phoenix Magazine's 
Pick of Glendale Flowers!

Editor's Pick of "BEST IN THE VALLEY' !
Congratulations to  Glendale Flowers & Gifts!

By Ed Sharpe -  Glendale Daily Planet/KKAT-IPTV -



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Ed Sharpe  - Glendale Daily Planet/KKAT-IPTV

Maureen Shows off her announcement she received from 
Phoenix Magazine for the Editors Pick of "BEST FLORIST"  

"Our motto at Glendale Flowers is:  We deliver  . . .  love 

Glendale Flowers & Gifts, is an evolution of the original Glendale Flowers business founded in 1939.  It is owned and operated by Tom & Maureen Wilson since the summer of 2007).  They are the sixth owners of this business. 

Maureen is a certified Master Florist. Tom is her silent sidekick. There are two other designers with the same accreditation who assist with weddings and seasonal work.  Glendale Flowers currently has 4 designers, 3 delivery drivers and 2 apprentices on staff.

Maureen states. "We are extremely proud of being recognized by Phoenix Magazine for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, because it is an Editor's Choice award which means it is not a popularity contest or something where the shop can influence the outcome of the vote.  It is a very organic voting process.  There was nothing we could actively do to achieve the award.  It is meritorious, and so appreciated!"

When asked about her success Maureen stated, "Though we are a small boutique shop, we strive to provide designs comparable to those found in the finest flower shops in Manhattan, Chicago and the major cities in California." she continued..."Competition for customers is fierce in today's economy.  Our strategy has been to distinguish ourselves separate from the wire services and create our own fabulous style. We purchase only the most premium flowers available from our local wholesalers and we generously fill our vases.  We deliver our own designs - we do not entrust our arrangements to any flower pool or outside delivery companies. "

Things at Glendale Flowers and Gifts are not just limited to bouquets! They also carry the best house plants and blooming plants in town.  Maureen tell us, "We trade with a single green house known for their excellent quality, also located here in Glendale."     For those who want a whimsical gift, the shop  also has a large inventory of balloons and stuffed animals.  Want something sweet?  Glendale Flowers  carries  a full line of Ceretta's finest chocolates.

Maureen is also a great supporter of  the local shopping  district Catlin Court, a tree lined bungalow studded neighborhood in the heart of downtown Glendale Arizona. During special events she plays host  to other interesting vendors that set up in the outer court yard around the building. There are plenty of projects  for  the youth to get involved in and interesting wares for sale too!


Find Glendale Flowers on the net at


7145 N 58th Drive
Glendale, AZ. 85301

phone: (623)-931-2416



Ed Sharpe  - Glendale Daily Planet/KKAT-IPTV

Jazmin Duong of Paper Expressions points at her  Halloween card. She specializes in handmade greeting cards, invitations, paper banners, scrapbooking, party favors and other paper crafts for all occasions. Jazmin was a guest vendor at the Glendale Flowers & Gifts  court yard during the  Catlin Court Fall Front Parch Festival.




Ed Sharpe  - Glendale Daily Planet/KKAT-IPTV

Victoria Lopez is making a Fall wreath at the Front Porch Festival in Catlin Court.  Glendale Flowers
 & Gifts sponsored vendors and craft projects  for the youth outside the store during this event. Maureen is in Orange to the right with her helper and Victoria and her family are to the left side.


wpeA.jpg (38092 bytes)
Ed Sharpe  - Glendale Daily Planet/KKAT-IPTV

Victoria Lopez with colorful  leaves and bright- eyed Bats
is making a Fall wreath at the Front Porch Festival in 
Catlin Court.  Glendale Flowers  & Gifts sponsored 
vendors and craft projects  for the youth outside 
the store during this event.


Ed Sharpe  - Glendale Daily Planet/KKAT-IPTV

Maureen Wilson caught  with an arm load 
of flowers on a previous Mother's Day event.







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